A Reflection on Racism and Student Stereotypes

In our current American society there is a strong diversity of language, ethnicities, backgrounds, and even skin color. It is my belief that we have tried our best to learn how to be accepting of our differences. However, it has been a long and hard struggle to accomplish many of the things society now considers “rights”. As our environment has changed, with technology and multiculturalism, our values have also gone through a process of desegregation toward a more general spectrum of involvement.

As I read an article named: “Toward a Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education”, I found myself reflecting upon the many issues American people have experienced and how few have managed to use education not only as a way to improve society but also as the key to maintain a dominant ideology. Critical Race Theory strives to develop and promote a curriculum and attitude that eliminates racism and empowers minority groups, which are often underrepresented and over stereotyped. As I read the article, I found myself analyzing the information presented and agreeing with the many points given on how many teachers and scholars use their position to segregate and misestimate students from minority groups. Continue reading